Keynote on the challenges of Transnational Learning


On the 29th of April I gave a keynote as part of the H2020 project  Seerri on the limits of Transnational Learning Processes. I realised I felt like Bob Dylan in “We are the world”, and I discovered that I was not alone. 

To me, after many years in the field, it feels that you can only learn when people are at least committed or skilled (ideally both) in the process, or when there is a clear objective and enough realism so that we dont’ all feel that we have to present “good practices” when we have none. A well articulated “bad practice” is probably more useful than a polished version of reality which hides challenges and problems. 

Also, we need to be ready to disagree with presenters and participants, if we want to learn. Very often transnational learning events are too polite, we just thank each other and say how amazing we are. We also let people talk too much beyond the agreed time slot…A good moderation of these events, with presentations that stick to the point and the time, is actually crucial and easy to fix.

I really like transnational learning events, and have really good memories and friendship from those, so I really care that they are done righ! 

If you are curious, you can find my ppt linked below! 

(In order to may the ppt small enough for a speedy download, I had to reduce picture quality…)