Selected Publications

Towards a transformative Smart Specialisation Strategy

lessons from Catalonia, Bulgaria and Greece

Marinelli, E., Fernandez Sirera, T. & Pontikakis, D. (2020)

JRC Technical Reports JRC124128.

Open Data, Open Science & Open Innovation for Smart Specialisation

Fuster, E., Marinelli, E. Pontikakis, D. Pontikakis, D. Pontikakis, D. Plaud, S., Quinquilla, A. & Massucci, F.,(2020)

JRC Technical Reports JRC119687.

Smart Specialisation at work:

the policy makers’ view on strategy design and implementation

Guzzo, F., Gianelle, C. & Marinelli, E. (2018)

JRC Technical Reports JRC114141.

Higher education and Smart Specialization in North-East Romania:

opportunities for knowledge-based development

Marinelli, E., Mironov, C. (2019)

In Caseiro, N. & Santos, D. (Eds). Smart Specialization Strategies and the Role of Entrepreneurial Universities (pp. 234-354). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Building Smart Specialisation Strategies monitoring systems:

evidence from the EU

Marinelli, E.Gianelle, C. & Guzzo, F. (2017)

L’industria Rivista di Economia e Politica Industriale

Smart Specialisation Evaluation:

Setting the Scene

Gianelle, C., Guzzo, F. & Marinelli, E. (2019)

Smart Specialisation – JRC Policy Insights, JRC116110. 

Smart Specialisation at work:

The entrepreneurial discovery as a continuous process

Marinelli E., Perianez-Forte I. (2017)

JRC Technical Report, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2017,
ISBN 978-92-79-74377-1, doi:10.2760/514714, JRC108571.

Catalan universities and the entrepreneurial  discovery process:

Challenges and opportunities emerging from the RIS3CAT Communities

Marinelli, E. & Elena-Perez, S. (2017)

Industry and Higher Education, 31, 6, 360–372.

Layers, levels and coordination challenges:

comparing S3 governance in Puglia and Extremadura

Marinelli, E., Bertamino, F. & Fernandez, A. (2019)

EUR 29735 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg,
ISBN 978-92-76-02920-5, doi:10.2760/080798, JRC116116.

Squaring the circle:

lessons from the role-playing exercises on S3 regional and multi-level governance

Marinelli, E., Tolias, Y., Bertamino, F., Metaxas, M.& Grisorio, J. (2018)

EUR 29388 EN, Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2018,
ISBN 978-92- 79-96397-1, doi:10.2760/868791, JRC113434.

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