About me

I work mainly in the fields of regional development, innovation and higher education policy.

The name “Pr-i: policy research interface” reflects both my main areas of expertise (knwoledge-based regional development) and the way my background influences my thinking.

My early experience in academia makes me aware of what being rigorous is. My experience in the policy world makes me just to aware of how difficult it is to translate scientific input into decision making.

Collecting the right data and interpret it in such a way that it helps the policy process, requires a good understanding of both policy and research. With Pr-i I want to help generate synergies between the two words and the two methods.

Key Experience

Pr-i: policy research interface

I am an economist by training, specialised in regional development and research, higher education and innovation policy. As a public policy consultant, I am working on across the policy cycle, looking into monitoring, evaluation as well as stakeholders’ engagement. Key projects include:

Key projects include:

Analysis of bottlenecks to innovation in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia


ARTI Puglia
Methodological support for the Interreg Europe project PassPartool


Country expert in the evaluation of Smart Specialisation for Spain


Case studies on the analysis of the Right to Disconnect in Italy


I am currently in the advisory board of two scientific projects, POLISS (Policies for Smart Specialisation) and SeeRRIS (Building Self-Sustaining Research and Innovation Ecosystems in Europe through Responsible Research and Innovation).

European Commission

Prior to setting-up Pr-i: policy research interface, I have worked for 9 years at the European Commission Joint Research Centre in Seville, where I have focussed on

Monitoring and evaluation of regional development policies with a focus on innovation (Smart Specialisation Strategies):


Analysis and support to multi-level governance processes:


Mobilisation of stakeholders (public, private, social and scientific actors) in the innovation process:


Integration of tertiary education institutions in regional development and innovation processes


Doctoral research and academic experience

Previous to joining the European Commission I was engaged in academic work, as a doctoral students and research assistant at the London School of Economics and the University of Sussex.

I have taken part to several EU Projects within FP7 and have published in journals such as Regional Studies, Technovation, Environment and Planning and The Journal of Business Research.

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